Mobile Video Image Processing

      Description   J2ME application that captures video from on-board camera of Series60 3rd ed. mobile devices.
A snapshot of the video can be captured and image processed by manipulation of
the RBG pixels before displaying on screen.  
You can draw on top of the image, invert the colours, filter the colours, etc.
What you can do is only limited by your ability to manipulate the RBG pixels.
Download       (includes .jar and .jad files)
Tested on Nokia N93    (Series60 3rd ed.)
Nokia 6630  (Series60 2nd ed.)
 (If it works on your device please post a comment so that I can include it here).
Motivation Too many developers asking for working example of how this can be done.
Note Not all mobile devices support access to their on-board camera.
Current (Jan2007) Nokia emulators do not emulate cameras.
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Please comment / raise bugs / request features at the sourceforge project site or email me at  actanemail[at]gmail[dot]com
Excellent tutorial on RBG manipulation in Java.